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Trapshooting in Media, PA

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ATA Registered Shoots

ATA registered shoots usually occur mid-March through September on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of each month. "Big 50" ATA registration can be requested most Wednesday afternoons.

Prize Shoots

DCSA hosts a variety of "Prize" shooting events on the weekends from October to March. Prizes awarded include high quality local meats and gift cards. The club also holds Lewis Class Prize Shoots and other special events.

Practice Shoots

DCSA welcomes new shooters. Practice traps are open Wednesday afternoons and at most scheduled events. Shells are available for purchase.

Contact Us

Delaware County Sportsmen's Association
168 Fox Road
Media, Pennsylvania 19063-4905

Trapshooting Overview

Trapshooting is a specific form of clay target shooting. Trapshooting is a game of movement, action and split-second timing. It requires the accuracy and skill to repeatedly aim, fire and break the 4 1/4 inch disc which are hurled through the air at a speed of 42mph, simulating the flight path of a bird fleeing a hunter.

Trapshooting's continual growth and expanding popularity is due to the fact that people of all ages, incomes and abilities can compete. Nine year old boys shoot alongside 90 year old men. Many 70-year olds have been in the sport 55 years and some began just two years ago. Trapshooting's participants include millionaires and hourly wage earners, inventors and businessmen, former sports figures in other fields, professional men, farmers, truck drivers, musicians, actors, students and housewives.

The shooter is required to shoot at a target after he calls "pull." It does not matter in scoring if the shooter hits only a small piece of the target or whether he shatters the target. The target is considered a "dead" or "lost" bird. If the target is hit it is "dead." It is the shooters responsibility to check his own score.

Registered trapshooting is competition that is regulated by the Amateur Trapshooting Association. Gun clubs hold shoots in accordance with ATA rules, but they must apply and register for each shoot. All participants of these shoots must be ATA members. The shooters scores are recorded in the ATA office where all records are kept and yearly averages computed. The records are used for handicapping and classifying shooters.


New Shooters

New shooters and those looking to learn the sport of trapshooting are encouraged to take an introductory lesson at DCSA provided by Trapshooting University.

An introductory lesson is 2 hours, consisting of discussion time covering gun safety, operation, and etiquette, followed by live training and instruction with an NRA-certified coach.

Visit for lesson schedule and reservations.

About Us

From a meeting of twenty-seven sportsmen held in City Hall, January 14, 1915, was formed the Delaware County Game Fish and Forestry Association. This group performed for Delaware County the first semblence of material help for the sportsmen by liberating at their own expense large numbers of rabbits and quail, along with the first English pheasants ever freed in this part of the state.

In order to give the movement a firmer footing and due legal standing, on April 14, 1921, the name was shortened to The Delaware County Sportsmen's Association, and incorporated under the laws of Pennsylvania. Since which time the members have looked forward to owning a place which would answer as a meeting place as well as for the propagation of game and fish to replenish the depleted streams and covers here.

Thru hard going they have held to this task until on August 16, 1923, the actual purchase of OUR FARM was made a fact thru the individual effort and subscription of the membership.

This in itself is a feat unparalled in the history of sportsmanship which reflects on the love of fair play and a desire to furnish the future generations with outdoor sport on the part of Delaware County's sportsmen.

So. These acres are dedicated to this high purpose, and the members who have given their labor and their money to this end expect from Delaware County that whole hearted support which will insure a perfect and deserved success.

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